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The founder of this company Mr. Bruce Lee Miller began in the construction business as a bricklayer. At 16 years old he was put on a line and taught the trade. After 21 years in the filed he was injured and found himself without ability to work in the same area of the construction field. So began the next chapter of life for Mr. Miller.

Mr. Miller then began working for a home builder as a supervisor overseeing the entire build of the house. The well that would be drilled on these properties is where Mr. Miller first came up with his first Well Doctor idea. It has been the belief that many homes in the city have no water issues that need addressed. The Well Doctor has found that this is not true. Homes outside city limits have well water, and most of it is very bad which does mean there are many problems that can come up in other areas of the house due to the quality of the water.

After working in this field for a year, Mr. Miller found that almost every new home they were building was in the country, million dollar homes. All of them had the best water purification systems in the world, yet every single one had a rotten egg smell that would gage you. There were many instances where these costly homes with costly purification systems where just not doing what they were sold to do. Mr. Miller brought it to the attention of the company that he could get the smell out of the water before the new homeowners even came to the house for the walk through. He was laughed at and told that he could not do that as it would ruin the water conditioners. What they did not know is that Mr. Miller had done it anyway on the last four homes that he had done for that company. Those homes are today treated with Smell-Gone products provided by The Well Doctor. After 911, the home building business went in the toilet, and Mr. Miller was layed off from this job six months later. Thus the next chapter in Mr. Miller’s final destination.